Should You Write Your Own Website Copy?

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Should You Write Your Own Website Copy?


Sure, no one knows your business as well as you do. But do you really have the time to do it right?

An experienced copywriter can take twelve, fifteen hours or more to write copy for a typical website.  Chances are, it will take you least two to three times as long.

How much is your time worth per hour?  Multiply that by 30-40 hours. Is it worth it? Do you really have a full work week to devote to producing copy?

Professional web copywriters:

  • Work hand in hand with the design team to ensure that copy and design work together
  • Can take your story and give it much more impact on the page
  • Understand the science behind how visitors engage with your site
  • Know how to work SEO keywords into your copy seamlessly

And much more….but I’m keeping it brief, because I’m a copywriter. (See what I did there?)

How can get the most from a professional copywriter?

Spend some time thinking about what you want from your staffing website. Brainstorm with trusted members of your team.

Do you want to attract more candidates? Target certain types of employers? Establish or expand your niche?

Provide the writer with any information that will help them get a good grasp of your company culture, the services you provide and what sets you apart from the competition.

Do you have a unique hiring process, cutting edge technology, a unique handle on your industry? How does that benefit your customer?

The copywriter can use your input to show potential clients and candidates what you have to offer, what problems you solve and what you can do for them

When you get a draft of the copy, review it carefully. If it misses the mark try to pinpoint why. The more specific your feedback, the easier it will be for the writer to produce the copy you have in mind.

So, you could write your own web copy, but why should you? Trust the experts at Haley Marketing Group. We’re here you help you stand out, stay top of mind and sell more.

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