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Benefits You Can See, Benefits You Can Feel

At Personnel Services, we believe great jobs include great benefits. Jobs are about more than just collecting a paycheck. We value our team members and offer the great benefits. Job searches can be stressful, and if you’ve ever felt left in the dark and wondering what comes next, we understand you. At Personnel Services, we support you throughout your job search, acting as a partner in your success.

We provide you with:

Weekly paychecks

Direct deposit

Employee of the Month program

Benefits You Can Feel

Resume advice

We provide you with:

Pre-interview preparation

and advice.

Open communication

to keep you informed of where things stand.

A promise

that we won’t waste your time with jobs you’re not interested in.

Post-interview feedback

so you know what you did well, and where you can improve

Post-placement follow-up

to see how things are going

Get the great job opportunities

and support you deserve.

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