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Dessert, Anyone?

Several months ago, we set out to revolutionize staffing website design and development. The result?

The All-Inclusive Website

With an All-Inclusive Website, staffing firms get a content- and feature-rich site, secure hosting, job board software licensing, inbound marketing tools, content and analytics, priority service and even ongoing site edits – all for one affordable, monthly fee.

Our reasons for retooling our approach to development, management and pricing were simple. We wanted to:

  • provide everything a staffing or recruiting firm needs for a world-class website;
  • cut development time from months to weeks;
  • provide more tools for recruiting and generating sales leads; and
  • make an amazing website affordable for virtually any staffing or recruiting firm.

The question is, have we delivered?


So, grab your spoon and let’s dig in. Here are a few examples of live All-Inclusive Websites and measurable results we’ve delivered for staffing and recruitment firms like yours:

AllStarz Staffing

Featuring our new Team Bios plugin, Testimonials plugin (on their Home page) and our Job Board with eEmpact integration, AllStarz now has a robust site that builds their brand, provides proof of their value and makes it easy for job seekers to search and apply – even on mobile. And while you’d expect a site of this caliber to take several months to develop, we turned around the project in just 57 days.

“I loved working with you and truly appreciated your confidence and calm throughout the project. Chances are high that you’ve heard a lot of “excuses” on website timelines! This implementation truly caught me at a rough patch in my life, but I have to say that you really made it work! Many, many thanks for your thoughtfulness!”
— Joyce Matson, Director of Human Resources/Corporate Communications

Extreme Staffing

With images and a color palette as bold as this staffing firm’s brand, Extreme Staffing’s All-Inclusive site includes Haley Marketing’s Job Board with Avionte integration (with a convenient and user-friendly quick search widget on their Home page), as well as the Testimonials plugin. And the time from our kickoff call to taking this website live was an impressive 45 days!

“It’s been great working with you. You and the team have made everything so easy for us, so I appreciate that!”
–Natalie Spaulding, Social Media

Assured Staffing 

Whether you view Assured Staffing’s Home page on desktop or mobile, you’ll instantly notice the eye-catching “Ready to Get to Work?” CTA Fly-in Plugin designed to drive applications. And if you scroll down to the bottom of their Home page, you’ll see our Testimonials plugin in action once again.

Like all our All-Inclusive Websites, Assured Staffing’s site includes our Job Board, which allows them to automatically post the jobs to their website using their company URL, and then have those jobs submitted to other job boards, job aggregators and Google for Jobs with no other manual intervention required.


Contact one of our marketing educators for more information, or check out our ultimate deal for the ultimate staffing website.