Acing Your First Day of Work in 5 Steps

January 8, 2018 - Deitra Stroebel


You did it. You got through the interview process, beat out other job seekers, and landed that new position you wanted. But the satisfaction of that accomplishment can quickly turn into feeling nervous for your first day of work. By following a few proven steps, you can put the nerves away and make a great impression on your first day while setting yourself up for a great career with your new company.


Get There Early

Starting off on the right foot is important, and getting to your first day early will show that you appreciate the opportunity and are taking it seriously. You’ll probably be driving to a place you’re not used to going during rush hour, so leave extra time in the morning to make sure you won’t be late. Not only will being there 15 minutes early look good to your new boss, but you’ll need extra time to familiarize yourself with the employee parking lot, locate bathrooms and break rooms, and to find out exactly where you’re supposed to clock in.

Introduce Yourself to Everyone

It’s important to be as friendly as possible on the first day of work. If you’re an introvert, keep in mind that people will already be expecting to meet you. If you come in and avoid talking to anyone you could rub coworkers the wrong way, and these are the people you’ll be spending at least eight hours a day with. Whoever you come across, shake their hand, tell them your name, and say it’s your first day. This is especially helpful because you’ll surely receive some tips about the workplace that may not be in an employee handbook.

Pay Attention

The first day of a new job often feels like a whirlwind. You’re learning new processes, getting familiar with a new environment, and meeting lots of new people. It’s easy to feel distracted, but the key is to always put 100% of your attention on whatever task is at hand. If you’re being trained, concentrate totally on learning the job. When coworkers come up to say hello, make sure you give them your full attention. Should a manager pull you aside to give you a few ground rules about what time to take lunch, how to ask for a day off, and what areas you have to wear a hard hat in, do your best to keep your mind from wandering.

Ask for a Plan

Showing initiative on your first day will make a great impression and help you get up to speed in the coming days and weeks. As your first day draws to a close, make sure you have a plan for your second day and for the rest of the week. If you’re unsure what’s expected of you on day two, ask your manager what sort of things you’ll be learning. You’ll be surprised how much more comfortable you’ll feel walking into work when you know what to expect.

Show You’re Prepared to Stay Late

Just like getting to work early, showing that you’re prepared to stay late sets a great tone and proves to your hiring manager that they made a fantastic decision in hiring you. Most likely, on your very first day you won’t have to stay late at all, but avoid running for the door the moment your shift is over. Take your time getting ready to leave, continue to introduce yourself to anyone even if you’re off the clock, and slowly make your way out knowing that you just aced your first day on the job.


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