The Solution to High Employee Turnover

January 18, 2017 - Lacey Fair


Turnover is an unavoidable, natural part of the hiring life cycle. With 45% of workers currently looking for a new job or planning to within the next year, it is evident that the biggest cause of turnover is not employees retiring after long, happy careers. What should be concerning to any business is when workers become unhappy and begin leaving in greater quantities, causing hiring and training expenses to spike beyond the norm.


What is the solution to this type of high employee turnover? Here are the proven methods to adopt if you find your employees leaving due to job dissatisfaction.


Enact Clear Internal Career Paths

Companies that enjoy low turnover and have success converting temporary workers into permanent ones give employees a clear vision of their professional future. These organizations use career pathing to show workers how they can expect to be promoted internally. All departments are on board, with HR and direct supervisors clearly communicating specific promotion timelines at any opportunity, even outside of regular performance reviews and check ins.


With 75% of companies expecting to see high turnover in the next three years, it is likely many organizations have no proactive plan in place. Enacting and communicating clear internal career paths, even if they are very minor incremental promotions, will produce loyal employees that bind their future to yours.


Utilize “Stay Interviews”

Stay interviews foster an honest conversation to get to the root of what drives/motivates an employee, what they like about their job, and what they would like to see improved. These types of interactions are especially important for temp to hire employees.


Underlying organizational problems can be uncovered through the fresh eyes of the employee, and their ability to articulate their viewpoint can either prove them deserving of the permanent position or show that they lack the insight necessary for success. Plus, the mere act of showing them you are looking to improve their job and environment will have that worker not only wanting the permanent job right now, but for the long-term.


Engage Employees

Great companies boast employees that are engaged with the environment, other workers, and the work itself. Only 29% of U.S. workers are actively engaged in their jobs, pointing to lack of engagement as a chief reason for high employee turnover.


Imagine a temp to perm worker with an in-demand skill set that begins a new job and feels very little connection to the people or culture. As time passes and a manager looks to transition this worker into a full-time employee, they may have become so disengaged that they applied for and accepted a job offer at another organization. Making all employees, temporary and permanent alike, feel like they are a part of a community or family will greatly reduce high employee turnover.


Evaluate the Hiring Process

One of the most powerful solutions to lowering high employee turnover takes place before someone even joins your team. Hiring an applicant that is an expert in all the necessary skills for an open role is ideal, but if they don’t fit into your culture or have a toxic attitude then they will not last long.


This is why cultural fit questions are still essential interview questions in hiring a temp to perm applicant. Even if they initially only fulfill 80% of the required skills for a job, certain things can be trained. Personality cannot.


Consider Contract Work

If you have consistently high turnover, consider certain factors. Is your turnover rate higher than the industry average? Is it the nature of the work or the processes that are causing high turnover? Would you be better off making certain positions strictly contract? Are there regular seasonal lulls in the workload that are causing attrition?


Contract workers enjoy a work-life balance that is difficult to achieve in many permanent roles, and it’s because of this especially that they succeed in utilizing their skill set to efficiently complete their duties. Jobs that are physically demanding or require an extremely specific skill set are typically the ones best suited to contract work, as contractors rarely suffer from burn out.


Outsource Hiring to Combat High Employee Turnover

When an organization does everything it can but still experiences high employee turnover, it may be time to seek assistance. For those unable to find the right talent to fill roles, whether they require temp to perm employees or temporary contractors, the right staffing agency can be the best and most cost-efficient solution of all. Due to turnover, nearly 70% of organizations have suffered significant data or knowledge loss. You don’t have to be one of them.


Let Personnel Services know what positions you are trying to fill and turn around your turnover problem today.

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