7 Interview Tips That Show You Deserve the Job

November 29, 2016 - Kim Wallace


If you’ve made it to the interview, then congratulations are in order. You managed to avoid common application mistakes and earned the big job interview. It’s natural to be nervous as the big day approaches, but with some preparation, planning, and practice, there is nothing to fear. Here are seven interview tips to help you show you deserve the job.


1. Do Your Research

The very first step in nailing an interview begins long before you walk through a company’s doors. Research cannot be started early enough in the interview preparation process. As soon as an interview is scheduled, begin looking up everything you can on the company as a whole. Have they been in the news lately? Research the job title you are applying for and see if there is any industry news about that occupation. Being informed will make the entire interview process run smoothly.


2. Display Confidence

Even if you’re not feeling confident on the inside, simply acting like you belong and believing you deserve the role is key. Dress up for the interview to prove you can be professional, even if the role you are interviewing for does not have a dress code. Use appropriate language, and carry a proper demeanor by making eye contact with everyone and giving strong handshakes.

To help, practice answering some common interview questions out loud. In the actual interview, don’t be afraid of brief silences. It is better to take a few seconds to think before answering rather than saying “um” several times.


3. Take Care of the Small Things

Paying attention to the details makes all the difference as you turn a job interview into a job offer. Make sure your phone is completely off and not just on silent mode. Make sure you are not chewing gum as that will seem unprofessional to many hiring managers. Don’t bring friends or family with you and never have anyone else call a company on your behalf, as it shows a lack of seriousness.

Try to arrive to the interview 10 minutes early to avoid being late and show that you are eager for the opportunity. Above all, pay attention to the little things from the moment you pull into the parking lot. You never know what manager might run into as you park, or who in the main lobby may be interviewing you a few minutes later.


4. Ask Informed Questions

If you’ve done the research, this step will be much easier. Plan out several questions to ask at the interview, and try to make them very specific about the job or the company to prove you’ve put detailed thought into the role. Have them written down to bring with you, and bring more questions than you expect to be able to ask. Many times several of your questions will get answered during the interview, so it’s good to have backups to ask in that case.


5. Prepare for the Unknown

Sometimes a curveball will be thrown your way in an interview, so it is necessary to be flexible and prepare for things to be different than expected. Sometimes you’ll show up to an interview surprised to find that it’s a group interview with multiple candidates. Other times you may walk into a room expecting one person to interview you and see a whole team of managers waiting. As long as you’ve done the work preparing everything else, changes like this don’t need to throw you off track.


6. Finish Strong

So you’ve done everything right in preparing, you’ve asked your questions, and the interview is about to end. Finish strong by asking about the next steps, such as a specific timeline or number of interviews in the process. Also, directly ask if there are any concerns you can address right there. While it may be difficult to hear something negative, it’s always better to have the opportunity in person to ease any doubts an interviewer may have than to be rejected later on.


7. Say Thank You

You’d be surprised how often this tip is forgotten, and how important it is to employers. Very clearly thank everyone for their time at the end of the interview. Then, be prompt in emailing a thank you note to everyone you met with once you get home. If possible, refer briefly to something specific that came up during your interview. Even if it was a casual comment unrelated to the job (perhaps something funny that was said), it can help you stand out in an interviewer’s memory.


Interview Tips to Swear By

An interview should be an exciting time to prove yourself and get the job you want. By arriving to an interview prepared, acting professionally throughout, and following up appropriately, you will set yourself up for the best outcome. As long as you can prove to yourself that you deserve the job, you can prove it to an interviewer too.


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